Karting is an exciting activity, which can easily reduce stress and provide hours of entertainment. Whether you are carting along with friends, or random strangers, it is understandable that you may want to be the best. In order to be able to do so, you may need to practice until you become the king of the tracks. There are still some tips that may help you improve, but ultimately, there is nothing that will help you improve like the time spent practicing. Before you know it, you will easily be able to beat just about anyone you face on the tracks.

Your posture matters a lot

In order to be able to master the go kart tracks, one of the first rules you may need to adopt is the correct posture. As menial as it may sound, this is actually a very important aspect that can decide the difference between the lower and greater turning control. The best way to have a good posture is to sit up straight, and slightly bend your arms. With this posture, you will be able to have absolute control over the steering wheel, and the chances of you spinning out are going to be dramatically decreased, allowing you ultimate control over the kart.

Take a look at the course

While handling the kart is very important, apart of being good at kart racing is analyzing the go kart tracks before it is your time to race. Typically, you should be able to study the course, there should be a map available. The maps are usually going to show you the suggested route, which is going to be the fastest path to the entire track. You should be able to notice braking points, as well, though you should keep in mind that braking may be affected by your weight, so be sure to calculate the amount of traction and practice a few times, to make sure that you will get the braking down. 

Master passing other drivers

A large part of karting is passing other drivers if you happen to be stuck behind them. Although this may seem simple enough when you look at it, it isn’t really that simple to pull off. If you are going to surpass them, the best way is to wait for the next turn. Once you are closing in, you need to make sure that you have more speed during the term that they do. You should minimize braking as much as possible, and be sure to a seller rates as you are passing them by. Don’t hesitate or slow down until you made a solid turn around them and advanced ahead of them.